Welded steel pipes

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SAIGONKINHBAC Co., Ltd. (SKB). We specialize in providing all kinds of black welded steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe welding standards, competitive prices.

General information black welded steel pipes and galvanized welded steel tubes

What is welded steel pipe?

Tubes welded steel pipe is made up of steel plate or leaves are then rolled and welded into steel pipe. Depending on tube welding line which divided into welded pipe welded or twisted.

1. Characteristics of welded steel pipes

Standard: ASTM A53, BS 1387- 1985, API 5CT, API 5L, JIS / KS, SY / T5037 -2000, SY / T5004- 2000 ... Specialist for water supply systems, fire safety (fire protection)

Also SKB also supplying welded steel tubing twisted:

Welded pipes Epoxy coated twist.

Standard: GB / T9711.1-1997, GB / T 2-1999 ... Professionals for seaport projects, works requiring higher corrosion resistance. Sizes from DN 15 - DN 1400

2. Characteristics of galvanized pipes:

Galvanized steel tube specifications: ASTM A53, JIS / KS, GB / T3091, BS 1387/1985 ....

Sizes from DN15 - DN400. (DN: nominal diameter).

Plating method: hot-dipped galvanized or electrolytic galvanized. (See Distinguish hot dip galvanized and electrolytic galvanized)

Characteristics of hot dip galvanized pipe:

Galvanized steel pipes exclusively used in systems requiring good resistance. Resistant to corrosion, rust, long life than black steel pipes of the same type.

Suitable for use in environments that require high resistance: chemical environments, marine environments or high temperatures ...

3. Application of hot dip galvanized steel pipe:

Water supply and sewage systems, jetty system, Fire protection, anti-corrosion system, Wastewater, Chemicals.

For more detailed information (catalog, specification sheet of galvanized steel pipes) and galvanized steel pipe price of Hoa Phat, Seah, Vietnam German ... contact Sales Department SKB.


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