Control valves

Pneumatic control valve is a valve controlled by compressed air by the pressure of compressed air. Compressed air supplied to the air controller will cause the cylinder of the pneumatic unit to move, this cylinder mechanism will turn the cylinder motion into the rotation of the valve shaft (normally the valve shaft will rotate. 1 angle of 90 degrees) and will affect the state of the valve to help the valve switch state from closed to open or open to close.

Electric control valve is a valve controlled by an electric motor (motor) with a voltage of 24V. 220V. 380V, 2-phase or 3-phase, 1-way, ac. The current will act on the motor as a rotating motor, the motor will drive the valve shaft and will affect the valve state causing the valve to switch from closed to open or from open to close or open at the most angle. (electric linear control valve)

Used in industrial pipe systems such as water supply and drainage systems, wharf systems, Fire protection, Waste water treatment, Chemicals, Petroleum ...

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